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As most commercial real estate professionals know, a recent aerial photograph of a site is an essential tool in property development. A recent aerial photo significantly improves any market plan or trade area survey. A quality site inspection report will always include a recent aerial view.

Capitol Aerials: Budweiser Plant, New Jersey   Capitol Aerials: Manhattan Real Estate, New York

Aerial photographs can be instrumental in identifying the primary generators: home, work and shopping or where their customers will come from. Aerial photos will also assist in the approval process, showing traffic flow, road patterns and plotting the competition.

Capitol Aerials: Close Oblique   Capitol Aerials: wide angle view

A further advantage is finding shopping generators that are not easily visible on a drive-by of the site. You may have a factory or a school at the end of a side street or hidden by woods near by the site. These are visible in an aerial view which allows for closer inspection of the adjacent properties and what is behind the fences.

Capitol Aerials: Plymouth, NJ   Capitol Aerials: Woodbridge Mall


The Deluxe Package includes five views: usually north, south, east, west and an offset overhead with two 8.5 X 11-inch color prints of each. The subject is normally located in the foreground of the image with the background go up to a showing just a touch of the horizon on top. This is the real estate standard site approval package. This package can also be any other required work such as construction or legal.

The Premier Package consists of ten views of your choice, one 8.5 x 11 of each. This package is most commonly used for brochures when both a variety of close-ups and area shots are required.

A CD may be purchased in addition with all the images in high resolution in a format of your choice (jpeg, tiff, etc.) The CD also comes with a license for the purchaser to reproduce these images.

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Capitol Aerials: Aerial Photography  
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