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Aerial Photographs - one of the most valuable tools in the construction trade!

We become one of the favorite members of your construction team. By providing timely aerial photos weekly, monthly or on your schedule, you can get the big picture of all progress and improvements.

Capitol Aerials: Construction Progress #1  Capitol Aerials: Construction Progress #2

  • Great tool when discussing strategies of material delivery timing and placement, sub-contractor sequencing, placement of equipment, trailers, etc.
  • An important aid for staff/sub-contractor job meetings to minimize confusion, facilitate understanding and prompt time and money saving ideas.
  • Sometimes most importantly, you get a permanent visual record of the site's condition on the day we shoot. It may be used to settle disputes with suppliers, sub-contractors, neighbors, or even the building department. Our pictures create a record of your project that you could use as evidence in court, if you needed to defend yourself. They are provided by an unbiased third party and the dates are documented.
  • When your project is complete, a large glossy aerial photograph is a great way to savor the “fruits of your labor” or a great gift for the owner to remember you by.

Capitol Aerials: Construction Progress #3  Capitol Aerials: Construction Progress #4


The Deluxe Package includes five views of the site, usually north, south, east, west and an offset overhead with two 8.5 X 11-inch color prints of each.

The Premier Package consists of ten views of your choice, one 8.5 x 11 of each. We normally provide five views: north, south, east, west and an offset overhead and five close-ups of sections of the site.

A CD may be purchased in addition with all the images in high resolution in a format of your choice (jpeg, tiff, etc.) The CD also comes with a license for the purchaser to reproduce these images.

Capitol Aerials: Construction Progress #5   Capitol Aerials: Construction Progress #6

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