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A beautiful photograph of your company’s aircraft or picture of you flying your airplane or helicopter is great for your brochure or office wall.

Capitol Aerials: Air-to-air photography

Capitol Aerials is experienced in air-to-air photography. We will provide complete preflight safety briefing. Establish a formation flight plan. Provide two former military pilots trained in formation flying to fly the photographer and fly the subject along with the aircraft's pilot.

Capitol Aerials: Ground-to-air photography  Capitol Aerials: Air-to-air photography

Capitol Aerials also specializes in ground-to-air photography. With our special equipment and our special technique we can provide images that appear to be air to air that are actually ground to air. Some of the aircraft photos on this site are photographed from the ground. This is a great technique that saves you both money and time!


We recommend our Premier Package which consists of ten views of your choice, we provide one 8.5 x 11 inch print of each.

A CD may be purchased in addition with all the images in high resolution in a format of your choice (jpeg, tiff, etc.) The CD also comes with a license for the purchaser to reproduce these images.

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Capitol Aerials: Aerial Photography  
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